Neda Ayneband

Managing Director

Somayeh Vahidian

Product Manager

Razieh Seifi

Sales and Marketing Manager

Shahrzad Karbasi Somesaraee

Financial Manager


We always strive to continuously improve every part of our business, from products, to research and development, production, sales and marketing, and human resources.


We know who we are and what we stand for. We are accountable for our actions and decisions. We act honestly and ethically. We always strive to be objective and follow the scientific method. We are data driven and transparent with our customers, partners and employees.


Big things can only be accomplished with a great team. We foster active collaboration amongst employees. We believe work in life sciences is never done in a vacuum and can only be accomplished through meaningful collaboration with great partners.


In our every undertaking, we commit to excellence reflected in the quality of our products, services, data we generate and customer experience. We aim to be better than our former selves.