Analyzing Magnetic resonance images (MRI)

Machine and Deep Learning = Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Carotid Artery Diseases in Stroke Patients

Delta Diagnosis is increasing accuracy in Carotid Artery Diseases Diagnosis!

Carotid Artery diseases research and diagnosis in  patiants is being redefined by a new technology: a technology that promises of computational methodology to reduce human error in diagnosis stage and increase the detection of cardiovascular diseases at a point in their natural history when they are ‎still treatable and potentially reversible.

  Delta Diagnosis is pushing it’s technology past limits of traditional lab methodologies in diagnosis of carotid artery diseases in patients with its digital platform and pipeline of AI application. Developed by a combination of medical advisor and software developers, Delta Diagnosis is transforming the economics and practice of diagnosis, putting the power of early diagnosis in practicers access to increase the chance of treatment.

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Our Mission

Supporting Carotid Artery Diseases using AI (machine and deep learning)

The number of deaths from stroke worldwide is In 2018, 1 in every 6 deaths from cardiovascular disease was due to stroke. Our team at Delta Diagnosis is driven and motivated to help fight stroke death and disability around the world using advanced and innovative software tools for fast and effective early diagnosis carotid artery diseases and help to manager early treatment of cardiovascular diases. We hope to contribute to the fight for eradicating and preventing stroke by collaborating with medical professionals and researchers worldwide.

Using Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML) platforms, we have developed specialized algorithmic solutions to analyze Magnetic resonance images (MRI) for faster and better assessment than human accuracy. Our solutions, which are both in API and Web Platforms, are designed to offer faster and better access for second and third diagnostic opinions by medical professionals to help develop a therapeutic approach quickly. This will help the patients and physicians by reducing anxiety caused by not knowing what they are dealing with and will result in selecting beat treatment method personalized by patient’s situation.

Our solutions do all the work—considers the type of diseases patient is dealing with, identify carotid artery diseases and discovers patterns and trends in Magnetic resonance images (MRI), and analysis it using various algorithms. It’s a lot but not enough as we work to expand its reach and provide treatment advice for our patient using our platform.

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Technologies involved

Delta Diagnosis is a novel software platform which diagnoses carotid artery diseases by analyzing the MRI scans of the patients. This software, which is developed based on deep-learning algorithms, facilitates fully automated detection and segmentation of carotid vessel wall boundaries in real-time. Currently, quantitative assessment of the vessel wall dimensions in MRI scans is based on manual tracing of the lumen and outer wall boundaries, which is time‐consuming and subject to inter‐ and intra‐observer variation. However, our software tool allows for the accurate automatic detection and segmentation of carotid vessel wall boundaries in real time. In this software, the input are the collected clinical information of the patient as well as the MRI images of carotid arteries and the output is the measurement of the carotid vessel wall boundaries and carotid vessel wall volumes. The software also provides 3D visual presentation of the vessel.

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Delta Diagnosis uses the power of Artificial Intelligence through using unique deep learning algorithms to diagnose carotid artery diseases. Using the power AI, Delta Diagnosis eliminates human errors such as exhaustion, emotions and etc. Our AI platform is always there to provide a complete and instant report on your patients.